Sleep Soundly

Teaching, babies, children and young people how to sleep.
Training for Nannies, Nursery Nurses, Maternity Nurses, Health Visitors and all other health professionals
Talks for parents, students and staff in education.  

I have had the pleasure of working with many groups of professionals through my previous NHS work both nationally and internationally as part of the Southampton Sleep Training Course, and through my many private engagements. Each year I teach on the Norland College nanny degree course in Bath and also the course training nannies at Chiltern College in Reading.

I have been fortunate enough to be asked to speak at the National Maternity  Nurse Conference in 2013 and again in the autumn of 2017, and also the Boarding Conference at Wellington College in 2015. I have also been invited to talk to parents and staff at private nurseries, local authority schools and independent schools such Sherborne Independent School for boys in Dorset and The Pilgrims School in Winchester, Churchers College in Chichester, Eagle House School at Sandhurst, Wellington College, and Wimbledon High School to name just a few. I have worked with a number of charities who are involved in working with children with additional needs, and those from the more deprived areas of the country.

Nurseries, schools and colleges often ask me to talk to parents, staff and pupils about the importance of sleep and the impact that poor sleep has on education and learning. There is growing evidence that good sleep is vital if children and young people are going to reach their full potential.

Professional groups, charities and those involved in teaching child care often ask me to talk about understanding normal sleep, what to expect at certain ages and how to support families when things go wrong.


The workshops, talks and information days that I offer are always created with each groups individual needs in mind. These sessions are either for a half day or evening at a cost of £425 or a full day for £695. It may be necessary to charge extra for travel costs if the journey is more than a 100 mile round trip (based in southern Hampshire).

These sessions vary in content according to the needs of each group but generally cover topics from the following list: 

What is normal sleep - a little bit of sleep science

How much sleep do we need

How is sleep linked to learning, health and development

What happens when sleep goes wrong

Common sleep problems across the age ranges

Management of sleep problems

Sleep and culture

Good sleep practices and avoiding the pitfalls

Sleep and screens

Are teenagers really different when it comes to sleep?

Please do let me know if you feel that your organisation requires anything that is not mentioned above.

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