Sleep Soundly

Teaching, babies, children and young people how to sleep.
Training for Nannies, Nursery Nurses, Maternity Nurses, Health Visitors and all other health professionals
Talks for parents, students and staff in education.  

My Name is Evelyn Stewart and for almost 9 years, until the summer of 2017, I worked for the Children's Sleep Disorder Service at The Children's Hospital in Southampton, UK. I have also had my own private business for a similar length of time. I am a member of the British Sleep Society, The International Paediatric Sleep Association and The World Sleep Society. Before working with the Children's Sleep Disorder Service I had worked both in the NHS and in Education, working with children with additional needs as well as typically developing children. Within the NHS I have worked on the Special Care Baby Unit and the neonatal wards, and have also been part of a Health Visiting Team. I have also worked as a Behavioural Advisor as part of a specialist ADHD service within a Child and Adolescent Mental Health Service. My role at the Children's Hospital was as Senior Paediatric Sleep Practitioner managing a team of Sleep Practitioners, where I also helped families and taught on the Southampton Sleep Training Course both nationally and internationally. I created a sleep workshop for parents, for which in 2012 we received a national award. 

I  am passionate about sleep and fully recognise the impact that sleep deprivation has on a family. I enjoy helping families overcome their sleep problems and I am also passionate about teaching parents and professionals, including doctors, psychiatrists, health visitors, teachers, social workers, maternity nurses and many others, about the importance of sleep. I am fortunate enough to love what I do and always get pleasure in hearing a parent say "she slept all night for the first time ever", or a professional say "it all makes sense to me now, now I can help the families that I work with".

If your child is between 6 months and 16 years and you would like help with their sleep, or you are professional wanting to book a workshop, a school wanting to book a talk for parents please do get in touch.